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Liqueur Set


Set Liqueurs Soleia Nice, an ideal gift.

Contains 1 bottle of 20 cl of orange liqueurs and 1 bottle of Limoncello + 1 cocktail recipe card.

Perfect for discovering the region’s artisan fruit liqueurs. The quality of these elixirs is due in the use of organic and local fruits. Soleia products are characterized by the intensity and natural scent of the fruit that adds a delicious flavor to cocktails.

This box will be perfect for making Spritz with lemon and orange.


Orange Liqueur and Limoncello Set Soleia Nice

Limoncello made from lemons from the country of Nice, the main lemon farm is located on the heights of St Jeannet and Menton.

Orange liqueur with a natural taste of organic fruits. Its taste quality is dominated by bitter orange.

These two Soleia Nice liqueurs share the same recipe, fruit, sugar and alcohol. The principle of formulation conforms to the principles of Soleia Nice, that is to say to express the fragrance of the fruit in its entirety and in an intense way. Ideal for making cocktails, you can choose liqueur depending on the drink you want to make.

Find recipe ideas in the cocktail menu.



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