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Limoncello Soleia Nice 10 cl x 15


Limoncello Soleia Nice, the intensity of lemon in a drink.

Contains 15 bottles of 10 cl and recipes cocktails cards.

The lower sugar content highlights the richness of lemon and allows you to enjoy all the nuances.

To taste as is or in cocktails.

Limoncello Soleia Nice, a unique taste of lemon.

A liqueur that brings freshness to cocktails.

Made from lemons from the country of Nice, the main lemon farm is located on the heights of St Jeannet and Menton.

The ingredients are limited to lemons, white sugar and alcohol. The formulation principle conforms to the principles of Soleia Nice, that is, to express the fragrance of the fruit in its entirety and in an intense way. It differs from other limoncellos by the use of lemon juice in the process. When tasted, it reveals all the nuances of lemon, less sweet than similar products, it is 37% TAV.

The quality of the lemons used is due to fully organic production and local expertise.


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