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Prestige orange liqueur Soleia Nice 10 cl x 15


Prestige orange liqueur

Contains 15 bottles of 10 cl + 1 card recipes cocktails.

The alcohol content set at 40% reveals all the nuances of orange at the tasting.

To taste as is or in cocktails


Prestige orange liqueur Soleia Nice

Made from organic oranges grown in Menton and Vallauris, under the house of Picasso.

The ingredients are limited to oranges, white sugar and alcohol. It differs in taste quality. The intense taste of the fruit is present with a note of freshness at tasting. The use of orange zest and juice reveals tangy nuances with less bitterness. The difference in fragrance lies in the method of manufacture.

It is 40% and can be enjoyed in digestive or cocktails.

Discover the city of citrus on and the organic production of Jean-Noël Falcou in Vallauris.


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