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Green myrtle liqueur Domaine d’Agerbol 50cl


This green myrtle liqueur is made from the leaves of the wild myrtle harvested on the Domaine d’Agerbol located on the heights of Roquebrune.

It is characterized by the intensity of the myrtle and the herbaceous flavor of the leaves.

Put in vats directly at harvest, this liqueur reveals all the scent of myrtle leaves at the time of tasting. The ingredients are organic and are limited to myrtle leaves, blond cane sugar and alcohol.


A liqueur made by Soleia Nice in collaboration with the Domaine d’Agerbol.

Green myrtle liqueur is made from the leaves of wild myrtle. This plant with a special flavor is harvested at the Agerbol estate, an agricultural farm offering entirely organic production on the heights ofRoquebrune Cap-Matin.

A novelty that offers a subtle blend characterized by the balance between the intensity of the taste and the distinctive nuances of the myrtle leaves. The result is a delicate and herbaceous flavor.

This 38% liqueur reveals the natural scent of myrtle and the aroma of the Mediterranean maquis.

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