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Lemon Spritz Gift Box


The perfect gift

This box contains the Limoncello Spritz ingredients :

1 Bottle 70 cl Limoncello Soleia Nice

1 Bottle 75 cl organic Prosseco

1 Bottle 1 l sparkling water

1 cocktails recipe card

Recipes on : Cocktails, dégustation…. – Soleia Nice (


Limoncello Spritz, a natural cocktail

The Nice Spritz with limoncello is a cocktail without aroma or artificial coloring. Its unique taste is due to the quality of the lemons that bathe in the sun of the South of France. Organic fruits ripen naturally without any fertilizer or treatment. They are the pure work of nature and this favorable land. The fruits picked at maturity are directly put in vats in order to reveal all their fragrance at the time of tasting.

The main lemon groves are located on the heights of St Jeannet and Menton.

Limoncello Spritz brings a different flavor to the cocktail. It changes from the bitterness of Spritz to orange and brings freshness to the drink. A lower sugar level to reveal all the nuances of lemon and the intensity of the fruit.


Cocktail inspirations directly on 

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