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The Perfect Cocktail

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Come and discover the Soleia-based cocktails developed, tested and updated by the epicureans of the Roaring 20s Cocktail Club.

In our opinion, a good cocktail has the following characteristics: presence of flavours, harmony of flavours and balance of flavours, the ingredients must complement each other while not making any of them. It is a matter of taste, therefore, choice of ingredients and balance.

Come and join us at the Roaring 20s Cocktail Club every Friday evening online (excluding holiday periods). We will gladly taste your suggestions and invite you to send us your recipes with photos.

The perfect cocktail:

  1. Choose good ingredients, a good alcohol will always give a better result than a low-end bottle, the same for fruit and other ingredients. Favor freshly squeezed fruit over bottled.
  2. Shake with fresh ice and change it with each shake!
  3. Shake vigorously to awaken the flavors!
  4. Drink your cocktail straight away while it is laughing at you!

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And now it remains for us to wish you all excellent health!

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