Nice Spritz Gift Box


The perfect gift

The box contains the ingredients of the Nice Spritz:

1 bottle 70 cl Orange liqueur Soleia NIce

1 bottle 75 cl organic Prosecco

1 bottle 1 l sparkling water

1 cocktail recipe card

Nice Spritz recipe on: Cocktails, dégustation…. – Soleia Nice (

Spritz without artificial colouring

Nice Spritz does not contain any artificial colours or flavouring. It owes its taste only to the Bigarades oranges which bathed in the sun of the South of France. The organic fruit mature naturally without any fertiliser or treatment. They are the pure work of nature and of this favorable land. The fruits picked at maturity are placed in vats directly in order to reveal all their fragrance at the time of tasting.

The orangeraie is located under the windows of Picasso’s house which you can visit :

For info, a classic spritz contains sodium chloride and coloring agents: orange-yellow E110 and red E124

The orange grove is located under Picasso’s house in Vallauris which you can visit on :

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