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The Bay of Angels, cocktail 100% Côte d’Azur

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Bay of Angels

This cocktail came to me while experimenting with a Singapore Sling made with Soleia Nice orange liqueur instead of Cointreau and Domaine d’Agerbol myrtle liqueur instead of Bénédictine. I was struck by the very clear olfactory and taste presence of the myrtle liqueur which excited the taste buds. This property is surprising given the sweetness of the liquor. And although pleasant, I find this cocktail very sweet due to the presence of pineapple juice, cherry cream, and grenadine syrup. So, looking to reduce the sugar and with a guideline of using local ingredients, I ended up with the following cocktail:

Shake with ice:

-2 cl of Soleia Nice orange liqueur,
-2 cl of Domaine d’Agerbol myrtle liqueur,
-2 cl squeezed lemon juice
-1 teaspoon of sugar,

Pour into a cocktail glass and add 6 cl of amber beer, then stir gently,

Garnish, a spiral of lemon zest.

The public loves it!

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