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Cibo Bistrot

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Cibo Bistrot

Today we had lunch at Cibo Bistrot, 4 rue Defly, under the watchful eye of the Museum of Modern Art and in the excellent hands of William and Davide. There is something fundamentally cool in the DNA of Defly Street businesses. And Cibo Bistrot is right there. Watching William roll out the cutlery and arrange his patio for the service, the beautiful lady in the photograph found something of Oscar Wilde in him. Effectively, despite nine years of service, this team is still going strong. The atmosphere is jovial, refined and the exchanges elegant. The cuisine has not lost any of its splendor! Maybe they have hidden portraits that take the hit for them! Two words come to mind at Cibo, freshness and flavor, here, fresh products are prepared to optimize these assets. We let ourselves be tempted by the salmon steak served with its accompaniment of fennel salad and baked potatoes. A treat. You can feel the excellence of products cooked to perfection. The dented fennel remains slightly crunchy and gives back all its flavor.
In the evening, it is the ideal place for an aperitif with its terrace lit by the pink rays of the end of the day. You can ask for a Nice Spritz or a Nice Gin Tonic made from Soleia, the orange liqueur from Nice, made from the fruits of the orange grove located under Picasso’s house in Vallauris! Probably the best spritz and the best gin and tonic in the world!
https: // soleia-nice-com
Here comes the sun, to the best of you all!

– Deep throat, the tribulations of an Irishman in Nice.

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